Mariam + Steve… well if you’ve found this page, chances are you probably know at least one of us. Welcome to the site whether you’re an old friend or someone we haven’t met… yet. We’ll be keeping you posted along this happy trail of wedded bliss.

Topics will surely include: Our first year as newlyweds, the upcoming arrival of our first child, activities as we settle into our new home, etc, etc. A lot of firsts for the Albers this year, and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride along with us!

Please leave comments, suggestions or ideas. We’re happy you’re here, but without comments, we don’t know that you’ve stopped by.

The name of the blog comes from a Band of Horses song. We originally wanted this to be our wedding song, but didn’t cover the waltz in our dance class preparations… therefore it seems to fit here just perfect.

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