Let’s take it from the top

It has only been 23 months since the last post… a unintended nap that turned into a hiatus. While excuses are aplenty, I figure the only way to rectify the situation is to start up again.

A lot has changed since this blog originated. Two kids (now 3.5 and 1.5), house (about 57 years old but just 3.5 years with us as caretakers), and a new demanding job. There are probably countless other bloggers with more on their plate, but still able to bang out a few posts a week… that’s not me… yet.

With the job change, my ability to monitor, read, and produce material has taken a significant hit. Already 2.5 years into the “new” job and it still hectic day in and day out. Therefore, by the time we get the kids put to bed, the last thing I’m wanting to do is fire up the computer and start writing. Not the focus and drive of a hustler/grinder/entrepreneur I admit.

Lately, I’ve been having these thoughts during the day… of ideas that would make a good, brief blog post. By the time I have a moment to write it down, it has either faded from memory or no longer seems like the gem I thought it may have been.

No matter, I vow to start anew in 2016. If you’re reading this for the first time, I promise it will get better (it probably can’t get much worse!). I’m not even sure on the best RSS feed, etc. to follow blogs anymore (RIP Google Reader). That will be part of the learning and growing experience… but if you have wisdom to share, the comment box is below.

Happy 2016! Hopefully you still are working on at least half the resolutions you made less than two weeks ago. Firing this old jalopy up was one of mine… so better 11 days late than never.



Some times things don’t turn out the way you planned… but it’s not always a bad thing!

I wish I could blame someone sacking me as a reason for the long absence. As I mentioned in my other blog recently, I had good intentions of regularly posting to both sites. Unfortunately, that ol’ thing called “life” sneaks up and distracts you from your goal. I guess one coming across this blog since mid-July 2012 may not know what happened… did we have the baby? How do we like being new parents? Are you guys still living in a one-bedroom apartment? And the list could go on…

I had plans to post regularly… then we bought a house, and I thought that would be great blog fodder. Unfortunately, the posts got a bit too much to sort out… I’m following a few different home/DIY blogs (most notably the superb: Young House Love). Each little project I was doing to getting the house ready, both pre- and post- move-in was deemed to be blog-worthy.

Needless to say, starting projects and sometimes not seeing them through to the finish is a common theme in my daily life. It’s not without good intentions, but maybe I take too much on at times.

Regardless, we’re starting anew. Our baby is 6 months old today and we’ve lived in our Long Beach home for over 7 months now… so as the title suggests, not all distractions are negative!

I’m going to keep it chronological order, as not to confuse our 3 readers. I’ll highlight the big events over the past 6 months and then go back for the projects, nuances, etc. of being both new homeowners and new parents.

I’ll also be spending a bit of time to get this site in order… am planning to learn a bit more as I go, so hang with us!