Some times things don’t turn out the way you planned… but it’s not always a bad thing!

I wish I could blame someone sacking me as a reason for the long absence. As I mentioned in my other blog recently, I had good intentions of regularly posting to both sites. Unfortunately, that ol’ thing called “life” sneaks up and distracts you from your goal. I guess one coming across this blog since mid-July 2012 may not know what happened… did we have the baby? How do we like being new parents? Are you guys still living in a one-bedroom apartment? And the list could go on…

I had plans to post regularly… then we bought a house, and I thought that would be great blog fodder. Unfortunately, the posts got a bit too much to sort out… I’m following a few different home/DIY blogs (most notably the superb: Young House Love). Each little project I was doing to getting the house ready, both pre- and post- move-in was deemed to be blog-worthy.

Needless to say, starting projects and sometimes not seeing them through to the finish is a common theme in my daily life. It’s not without good intentions, but maybe I take too much on at times.

Regardless, we’re starting anew. Our baby is 6 months old today and we’ve lived in our Long Beach home for over 7 months now… so as the title suggests, not all distractions are negative!

I’m going to keep it chronological order, as not to confuse our 3 readers. I’ll highlight the big events over the past 6 months and then go back for the projects, nuances, etc. of being both new homeowners and new parents.

I’ll also be spending a bit of time to get this site in order… am planning to learn a bit more as I go, so hang with us!